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Print Design + Vehicle Wrap


BREWVANA leads bus tours of craft breweries around Portland, Oregon. I designed a wrap for their tour bus that incorporated beer, hops, and Portland landmarks all laid over a map of Portland. Both historic photos and hand drawn elements were used in the collage.


Print Design

Open Meadow School

Open Meadow relies on donors for much of their funding. I created posters, appeals, logos and annual reports with a unified look to appeal to potential and current donors.


Web Design + Branding

Call to Safety

Formerly Portland Women's Crisis Line, Call to Safety needed a new logo and a new website to go with their new name. I worked with their team to design a website that functions as an important resource for everyone impacted by domestic violence in our community.
Live Site: calltosafety.org


Illustration + Screen Printing

Screen Printed Cards

Designing, illustrating and screenprinting greeting cards is one of my favorite hobbies.


Logo Design


Logo design for the 2015 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon.


Print Design

Columbia Land Trust

Columbia Land Trust asked me to design the save the date and invitation for their annual fundraising gala, Wild Splendor. The invitation folds out to reveal 5 sections that correspond to 5 conservation regions in the PNW, with illustrations of animals and plants relevant to each region. A poster commemorating the 2017 theme of "Fearless Conservation" covers the back of the invite.


Print Design

adidas America

Since 2011 I've designed many presentations, books, posters and brochures for adidas Sports Performance and Originals.


Type Design + Screen Printing

Money Speaks

Combining two interests, printmaking and type design, my intent with the Money Speaks project was to encourage people to recognize how valuable their time is, and use it in the best way possible, whatever that may be.


Web Design

adidas America

I designed and updated the masthead creative for the adidas brand pages on Finishline.com, according to current promotions and brand guidelines across Originals and Sports Performance divisions.


Web Design

Bradley Angle

Bradley Angle is a domestic violence shelter in Portland, Oregon. I redesigned the site with a bright, uplifting look. User experience, particularly for mobile, was my top concern with this site. Survivors and their advocates must be able to find sensitive information about domestic violence services quickly.
Live Site: Bradleyangle.org


Logo Design + Branding

Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission

The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (known as the MHCRC), needed a series of logos for their grant programs. There are 2 divisions of grants. Logos were needed for the overall program, and the 2 sub-programs. The 3 logos needed to work as a series, as well as on their own.


Exhibit Design + Illustration

Oregon Museum of
Science & Industry

I illustrated multiple interactive experiences for an OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) exhibit about germs and antibiotics. The multiple experiences in the exhibit needed to be visually related, while retaining individuality.


Attract screen, "Weather Report"

The client requested attract screens in both English and Spanish.

Object illustrations, "More Than Human?"

15 objects were animated to fly across the screen.

Attract screen, "More Than Human?"

The client requested attract screens in both English and Spanish.

In-Game Play

Individual object illustrations were animated and layered over the background illustration for dynamic game play.

Introductory Screen, "More Than Human?"

The game backstory was condensed to 2 illustration panels.

Individual Illustrations, "Marble Maze"

6 illustrations showing family situations where germs may be present in the home.

Main Logo for MHCRC Community Grants Program

This logo is used for all MHCRC Grants communications

Secondary Logo for MHCRC TechSmart Initiative

The TechSmart Initiative is a branch of the MHCRC Grants Program

Secondary Logo for MHCRC Community Technology Program

Community Technology is a branch of the MHCRC Grants Program

MHCRC Branded Stationery and Business Cards

MHCRC Branded Stationery and Business Cards

MHCRC Grant Systems Brochure

Home page

White space, colorful portraits and clear headlines visually align the site with Bradley Angle’s mission of hope and empowerment for survivors.

Secondary page

A modular design approach allowed flexibility and easy access for users on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Basketball, adidas on Finishline.com

In addition to designing the masthead area, I retouched shoes in Photoshop to fit the look of the lightbox design.

Originals, adidas on Finishline.com

Many aspects of the adidas Originals Iconics campaign needed to be represented in a small area.

Training, adidas on Finishline.com

Running, adidas on Finishline.com

Kids, adidas on Finishline.com

Money Speaks

Mantras were screenprinted onto dollar bills, which were then distributed throughout the city

Money Speaks

A website was created for recipients to learn more about the project and mark on the map where they received their bill.

Money Speaks

Type was altered or custom created for each mantra

Money Speaks

Money Speaks

Money Speaks

Money Speaks

Money Speaks

Outside, adipure Trainer Brochure

Trifold brochure for the adipure trainer that was produced and displayed at Finishline stores across the United States.

Inside, adipure Trainer Brochure

Technical illustrations of the featured shoe were used to add texture to the inside panels.

Cover, Army All-American Football Book

A hardcover, spiral bound book to recap adidas’ role in the Army All-American 2013 game.

Inside Spreads, Army All-American Football Book

Large type and high contrast colors were used to convey the feeling of electricity and excitement surrounding the game.

Wild Splendor Invitation, back

The compass illustration perfectly matched the theme of Fearless Conservation – moving forward with confidence on the path of protecting our wild areas.The invitations were offset printed, with gold metallic ink for that extra sparkle.

Wild Splendor Invitation, front

The Columbia River winds through the invitation and connects all the regions, starting with the Coast Range and ending with the Columbia Plateau. Each animal shown carries significance with the work Columbia Land Trust does in that region.

Wild Splendor Invitation, compass sketch

I drew all the elements by hand first, then scanned them in and refined the details for printing.

Wild Splendor Invitation, panel detail

Keeping with the compass/map theme, I redrew topographic lines from a map of the region and used them as a textural element. This panel shows the Willamette Valley and the blue heron, which is the City of Portland's offical bird.

Wild Splendor Invitation, illustration detail

Custom illustrations of local animals and plants fit together perfectly with hand-drawn type for the commemorative poster.

Wild Splendor Save the Date, front

Save the Dates were sent out prior to the actual invitations. The compass illustration and overall style hinted at the event theme and tied the two pieces together.

PIELC Logo, dark background

Changing currents in land, air and water are represented by patterns in the three arrows.


“Changing currents” also refers to the political landscape regarding climate change. The three arrows represent forward movement in public policy.

T-Shirt Design

Conference participants received T-shirts with a one-color logo.

Drinking Glass Design

Conference participants received mason jar drinking glasses with the one-color logo.

Thank You card

Printing on colored paper can completely change the feeling of a design. This is the same design as shown above, printed on bright yellow paper instead of white.

Holiday card

I started out drawing mid-century ornaments over this tree pattern, but those shapes quickly turned into birds.

Get Well Soon

Thinking of You

Happy Holidays

Call to Safety logo

Call to Safety is widely known for their 24/7 crisis line, and it was important to reflect this in the logo. Call to Safety is always there to listen and connect survivors to resources. I created a color palette for the new brand that showed tranquility and safety through shades of blue and green. Friendliness and stability are shown through the strong, approachable sans-serif typeface.

calltosafety.com, Crisis Line page

The site uses plenty of white space for a peaceful feeling, and to keep the focus on the portraits and the information.

calltosafety.com, Information page

Many parts of the site are content-heavy. To keep things organized and free of visual clutter, I designed a tabbed system that expands when the subject is clicked on.

Call to Safety, Brochure outside

This tri-fold brochure was designed to keep Call to Safety's print pieces in line with the rest of their new branding.

Call to Safety, Brochure inside

Photos of people are at the center of Call to Safety's new brand, with a focus on diversity, human interaction and rich colors.

Infographic, 2014 Annual Report

Simple icons and Open Meadow colors were used to add interest to the Financials page of the 2014 Annual Report

2014 Fundraising Poster

Fundraising posters were placed on bulletin boards in Starbucks around the Portland area.

Got Game? Logo and Shirt Design

“Got Game?” is an annual trivia fundraiser for Open School. I designed the 2015 logo, inspired by old game show marquee lights.

Bus Wrap

After every tour, participants take a group photo in front of the bus.

Close up view of bus wrap

Portland’s tap water is part of what makes us a great town for breweries. Benson bubblers, Mt. Hood and Multnomah Falls represent this in the collage.

Close up view of bus wrap

Historical photos were used to represent the long tradition of brewing in Portland, a topic BREWVANA covers in their tours.


A promotional poster was designed, incorporating elements from the bus wrap inside the iconic BREWVANA pilsner glass.

We were impressed with Cassandra's branding and logo design work on multiple levels. She is organized, creative and easy to communicate with. She is responsive to feedback and overall produces beautiful work. We are thrilled with the results!

-Julie S. Omelchuck, MHCRC Community Grants Program Director

The invites turned out so beautiful. Everyone keeps asking us how we are going to top it next year! Thanks again for your amazing work – I really cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond. You are so talented and I look forward to working on more projects with you in the future!

-Tanya Mikkelson, Columbia Land Trust Events Manager

Cassandra is creative, professional and listens to our needs. She comes through for us in tight timeframes and always delivers!

-Paul Mann, CEO of Fetch! Pet Care

From a design and resourcing standpoint, Cassandra is our secret weapon. She has a great eye and a unique skill set that allows her to work across channels (print, retail, and digital). Beyond her creative abilities she's friendly, thoughtful, and an enthusiastic collaborator. She brings real dedication to her craft and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

-Michael Brooks, Account Manager at Roundhouse Agency


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